Saturday, August 22, 2009

Victorious with Craigslist Once Again!

If we had more money, Craigslist could easily become an addiction for me.  Ebay finds are nothing compared to the great deals I've found on Craigslist.  Recently, I had another glorious Craigslist victory.
I've been searching for a cheap but sturdy white changing table.  Buying one new will cost you at least $90-100, which isn't what I consider "cheap."  
So, the other day, I saw a listing for an almost new, great changing table with drawers, a cabinet, an extra long table top for storing things, and a shelf on the bottom for $30!  Not that $30 wasn't great, but I asked if they would take $25.  Sure enough, they did, and Oliver brought home the great changing table pictured below!  We found a Kmart sticker on the back, and I looked it up online.  Guess what it retails for?  $250!!!  Yay!  
How cute is this?!

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