Saturday, August 22, 2009

Making Some Headway on the Nursery

With a jam-packed semester of college looming before us, and with only 3 days after the semester ends before my due date, Oliver and I decided we would have to get started on the major nursery preparation projects before the first day of class.

Last weekend, we began by attempting to get everything out of the guest bedroom, tossing/giving away unnecessary furniture/stuff, and rearranging the office to accommodate the futon, etc. Then, it was on to painting the nursery. We chose a bold leaf green (at least that is how I would describe it) to give the necessary contrast with the white nursery furniture. But first, we had to paint the ceiling, trim, and doors white, as they were previously cream. After the nursery painting was all set, it was on to the half bath attached to the nursery. We had already painted (poorly) the walls a mint color, and we had to go back and redo the white ceiling and trim in there as well.

Whew! Then, we rearranged the house once again in order to shampoo all the carpets. I'm sorry to say, it seemed to make little/no difference whatsoever, but it created the perhaps placebo effect that things were nice and clean for baby boy bean.

Then came the super fun (and strangely emotional) part of setting up the crib, washing all the hand-me-downs, and setting up the nursery with the items we currently have.

Here are some photos of the process and finished product:

Oliver "cutting in." He is a professional :) :

I stick with rollers. Straight lines are not for me:
The empty painted rooms:
Putting the crib together:
And viola! far:

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