Monday, August 31, 2009

"The Quest" - Round 2

Thanks to all of our lovely friends and family, we have received over 40 votes on our blog name poll and many others via Facebook, and it is now time for Round 2 of voting!  With your help, we've paired the initial list of 24 names down to a list of 10.  Here are the names that have received the boot from Oliver and I, with pertinent explanations.  Please, do not be offended if the name you so dearly loved got vetoed; the decision was not personal in the least.  The number of votes listed reflects only those votes cast on this blog's poll and not Facebook votes. (I couldn't tell if people voted in both places or not.)

-Darcy (1 vote)- too girly, family members threatened to beat him up if we name him this ;), in tie for last place in poll, with only 1 vote
-Everett (Rett) (6 votes)- ends with "t," and it has been decided names ending in "t" and "d" are out for "thompson" conflicts
-Boaz (Bo) (4 votes)- body odor jokes, friend and family nose-scrunching 
-Wyatt (6 votes)- ends in "t" and celeb baby name
-Jedediah (Jed) (4 votes)- Oliver doesn't like all.
-Paxton (Pax) (4 votes)- too close to Jaxon, celeb baby name
-Sawyer (8 votes)- Tom Sawyer/Sawyer Thompson/no nickname-very cute, but very trendy
-Grayson (Gray) (8 votes)- GraySON ThompSON-sons, we've decided against the double "son" thing
-Hudson (4 votes)- HudSON ThompSON-sons
-Jude (9 votes)- This ended up in a tie for 2nd place in the poll, but I just cannot get past the fact that when the full name is pronounced, it sounds like "Jew Thompson", ends in "d" sound.
-Enzo (1 vote)- Elmo, in tie for last place in the poll with only 1 vote
-Cormac (Mac) (2 votes)-Cormac Thompson is hard to say, and I just don't think I like it well enough.
-Montgomery (Monty) (5 votes)-Oliver thinks Montgomery is too formal.  I think Monty Thompson would turn into Monny Thompson...and I had an "Aunt Monny."  

Now, onto the names that are still in the running!  Here they are with their respective amount of votes on the blog's poll:

-Gilead (Gil) (3 votes)  We know Gilead is weird, but it does grow on ya...And how cute is Gil!?
-Sullivan (Sulli) (9 votes)  In 2nd place!  We love this one for it's uniqueness and great nickname.
-Ezra (4 votes)  Oliver is not a huge fan of this one, but it hasn't yet lost all possibility.
-Finian/Finley (Finn) (14 votes)  In 1st place!  This is one of our absolute favorites for the Celtic origin and adorable nickname.
-Augustine/August (Gus) (4 votes)  Love the nickname, not sure about the full name.  We're not ready to toss it out altogether though.
-Graeme (1 vote)  Tied for last place in the poll, but I love something about this name...  Can't get rid of it yet.  Plus, I think it would work well in all stages of life.
-Griffin (Griff) (5 votes)  Such a great, masculine name. 
-Quincy (Quinn) (4 votes)  I'm not totally crazy over it, but it is cute.
-Archer (Ari) (4 votes)  I love the strong, masculine quality of Archer.  I also love the sound and meaning of the nickname Ari (means "lion"in Hebrew).
-Adoniram (Remmy) (3 votes)  We love the meaning of Adoniram "my Lord is lifted up," but we're not so sure about the 4 syllable length.  Oh, and Remmy is super cute!

This marks the 2nd round of voting, so we are starting with a clean slate (all names back to zero votes).  In other words, vote again on the name(s) you like within these 10 names.

Once again, any criticisms, suggestions, comments, etc. are welcome.  Just click on the green word "Comments" below this post, and type away!

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  1. I remember other things "Sully" was reminding me of... Scully from X-Files and Scuttle from Little Mermaid. idk idk, but just a few more associations. It's also the name of one of the monsters in Monsters Inc. Just sayin'. :)