Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Quest for the Perfect Name

Now that we know our little one is a boy, serious name searching must commence.  Yesterday and today, Oliver and I combed through baby name idea books and composed a list of names that stood out....Not that we necessarily love or even truly like some of these names...They just stood out.

A couple things you must know about the kind of name Oliver and I are looking for:

  1. It has to be unique.  We are just not into over-used, commonplace names.  So, as strange as these names may sound when you first hear them, some will grow on you and others won't.  We want the kind that'll grow on you.
  2. We LOVE cute nicknames.  In fact, many of the names listed below were chosen because of the nickname in parentheses following the name.
  3. It has to work both for an infant, little boy, teenager, and grown man.
  4. It cannot have any obvious horrible connection.  In other words, think like an 8 year old boy, and try to think of terrible ways to mock our little guy's name.  If you come up with something easily, then I suppose that isn't the "perfect" name.
  5. We're pretty sure his middle name will be Oliver...So his first name must go with that and Thompson.
Okay, so here they are (in no particular order).  If there is a *, both Oliver and I really like that name.  The more *'s, the more we like it.

-Perry (Middle)
-Gilead (Gil)***
-Sullivan (Sulli)*****
-Finian/Finley (Finn)***
-Cormac (Mac)*
-Augustine (Gus)
-Grayson (Gray)**
-Griffith/Griffin (Griff)*
-Paxton (pax)***
-Jedediah (jed) (beloved of the Lord)
-Quincy (Quinn)
-Boaz (Bo)**
-Archer (Ari/Archie)**
-Adoniram (Remmy)**
-Everett (Rhett)*
-Montgomery (Monty)


  1. Well, Obviously Finley is the BEST NAME EVER!! With almost zero bad names to be derived it is great from Baby to Man.. However, I already have one - which, unfortunately, means it is not all that original!! Therefore I vote for Adoniram, which is a little obscure, admittedly, which then leads me to Jude - probably my all over fave!

    Love you both!

  2. Somehow I am not able to vote on your poll at the moment, so here are my faves:
    - Finn
    - Gilead
    - Griffin
    - Ezra
    What do you think about Kai? It's one of my fave boys' names.
    Love your blog! I'm linking you on ours ...