Monday, August 24, 2009

The Quest for the Perfect Name-Important Notes

So, a couple of issues have been brought to my attention concerning the name ideas we've listed.  Here they are:
  • Jude is a great name, and we love it; however Jude+Thompson sounds like "Jew Thompson."
  • Grayson is popular on the poles, but we're worried about the two "son"s--->GraySON ThompSON. Does this disqualify Grayson?
  • I think we like Finley/Finlay better than Finian, but I am unable to change it in the current poll.  Mainly, we love the nickname Finn.
  • We love Paxton, but my brother's name is Jaxon.  Are they too similar?
  • I don't think Darcy is going to work.  I was, of course, thinking of Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice, but it appears most people consider it a girl name.
Any new name suggestions would be GLADLY accepted.  Just click on the green word "Comments" at the bottom of this post, or go on Facebook, and suggest away!  Thanks for your votes!


  1. Oliver Cromwell Thompson Jr. would be nice!!!!!

    From Ron Harper!!!!!

  2. I love this idea! Our son is named Timothy Judson and we call him Jud. This is close to Jude, but without the weird Jew Thompson. I also know a Cory Thompson, a Drew, and a Wade Thompson. I like all those names, and all those kids! Amy Roberts (and Tracy)

  3. Oh and PS ... I agree with the above remarks about Grayson and Jude and Darcy. But I do love Paxton too and don't think it conflicts with Jaxon. :)

  4. What about just Finn? I think that's so cute!

  5. If you want to call him Gil, I must insist that the full name is Gilbert. ;)

    I think "Sulli" is a little too twee for me. It's kind of a difficult in-between-er, y'know? It's cute for little kids, but if you call him that all the time, is he going to go by that in HS and college or switch all the way to Sullivan (which will prob be quite 'formal' / you're-in-trouble-young-man! in his mind by then)?

    I really don't think you should be too concerned about "Jew Thompson." Jude is a perfectly fine name, and if people can't pronounce it or speak properly, that's their problem. :)

    Wyatt, Ezra, and Levi are all celeb baby names right now, which means their popularity may increase, and his name wouldn't be as unique. Just FYI if you care about that.

    These names made me scrunch my face (JUST SAYIN!): Boaz, Adonriam, Enzo (rhymes with Elmo, and kids would def notice/make fun of that), Jedediah. Pax just makes me think of that Kevin Spacey movie K-PAX and thus aliens. Idk idk about Pax (and the fact that it sorta rhymes with Jaxon).

    I agree with the -son names being kinda redundant, whether or not you go by a nickname. That's gonna be the legal name: Grayson Thompson, Hudson Thompson, etc. I'd say eliminate those ones. If you like the nickname Gray, just go with Gray, period. Likewise with Finn. Finn is a great name.

    Archer makes me think of Lord of the Rings and like, role-playing games.

    Augustine seems kinda... Euro / medieval... which is fine, I guess. But I would suggest shortening it to just August. I think August is a cool name!

    I also quite like Sawyer (although "Sawyer Thompson" does kinda bring to mind "Tom Sawyer," I suppose), Everett (I'd spell the nickname "Rett," though, and not "Rhett" - since then it is a genuine shortening of the name), and actually I really like Darcy a lot! There are plenty of unisex names.

    Um ok this is long. It better post, or I'ma be MAD.

  6. You could go with Zerubbabel and then call him Bubble for short (or Bubba if you stay in the south).
    Becky :)

  7. I love your site guys!

    I think i voted on here for Cormac, Quincy, and Everett. Those seem to stick out the most to me anyway. Also, have you thought of Silas - "Si" for a nickname. - emily dillon

  8. I love the name Miles (lets add it to the list!). I really like Paxton but (Pax) reminds me of Brad and Angelina's little boy. Darcy definitely sounds like it belongs to a girl. I think the name Harrison (Harry) sounds really nice. I voted for Grayson and Griffith. - Aileen

  9. Katie and Oliver,
    Its YOUR child! Name him whatever you want! Ya'll are going to pick out a great name. Please don't listen to some of the ridiculous comments above:)