Friday, June 25, 2010

New Nephew & Cousin

This week, we made the trip down to Auburn, Alabama to meet our new (and first!) nephew, Henry! He is such a sweetie pie, complete with a full head of thick, dark hair. Born at 10 lbs 10 oz, Griffin's new (and first) cousin is bound to be a big boy just like Griffin. They should make a great pair as they grow up together, and we're looking forward to them playing and getting into trouble together...but not too much trouble :)
Griffin meeting his cousin for the first time:
Griffin with his Uncle Bubba:
Griffin and Henry:
Meet Henry:

Griffin, after his first bath in the sink at his Uncle Hank and Aunt Anna's house:

Our little family:
3 Generations of men:
Griffin loves his Grandaddy and his Uncle Hank:
Proud grandparents with their grandchildren:

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