Saturday, September 5, 2009

The "Final Four" - Round 3

Alright, we are now down to the "final four" names! Three of these correspond to the top three names in the poll, and one is a lesser-voted-for name. Here are the round two votes for each name:

-Adoniram (Remmy) 1 vote (2%)
-Archer (Ari) 4 votes (10%)
-Augustine/August (Gus) 1 vote (2%)
-Ezra 4 votes (10%)
-Finley/Finian (Finn) 19 votes (50%)
-Gilead (Gil) 9 votes (23%)
-Graeme 2 votes (5%)
-Griffin (Griff) 13 votes (34%)
-Quincy (Quinn) 12 votes (31%)
-Sullivan (Sulli) 15 votes (39%)

And...drumroll please...the final four are (in non-ranked, alphabetical order):

-Archer (Ari)
-Finley (Finn)
-Griffin (Griff)
-Sullivan (Sulli)

Votes DO NOT carry over from previous rounds. You must VOTE AGAIN to get your vote counted for this round.

Suggestions are still welcome. If the suggestion "hits the spot" with both Oliver and I (easier said than done), we'll include it in this round. If you would like to comment, click on the blue word "COMMENTS" below this post.


  1. Ack! This is so hard! Those are all GREAT names! I love your blog too, by the way, and am glad I can keep up with you guys even though we've moved. :)

  2. I like them all - but I voted for my fave! :)

  3. Copy&Paste from FB coz I'm not sure if you will see it there.. :)

    From the four ones i like Archer the most. At least it means something.. :) To survive long enough :) as an archer one has to be a sharp shooter. To hit more times than miss, to be quick, to be smart, fast and precise - all of these are very needed qualities for a success in a time when life gets more and more competetive and high-speedy. Not everyone can be a winer, so let's start with the name :))
    ..Just some late-night thoughts...