Saturday, March 13, 2010

Embarking on a Cloth Journey

First, I apologize for my absence from the world of blogging for the past months.  In setting up this blog, my intention was to keep my family and friends, many of whom live 1000 miles away, updated; however, many of said family members and friends have joined the Facebook world, and it has been much quicker and easier to upload the gazillion photos I take of Griffin there.  That being said, I do realize that blogging has its perks...storytelling, thought sharing, etc.  So, I would like to begin blogging once more with the intention of sharing the bulk of my photos on Facebook and the bulk of my thoughts and stories from our family on this blog.

Second, I would like to kick off this fresh attempt at blogging with the story of our first day using cloth diapers.  Before Griffin was born, I had hopes of cloth diapering.  I never got around to actually purchasing any, and being a first-time mom of a newborn made me wonder if I could even do it!  So, I started my little lad off on disposables with the intention of switching to cloth down the road when things started "calming down" a bit.  Here I am, 2 1/2 months later, ready to get my foot in the door with cloth.

Several people have asked me why I would even consider the mess and hassle of cloth diapering.  After doing a bit of research, I must admit that my motive is not predominately environmental.  Sure, cloth diapers don't fill up landfills; however, they do take much more energy, water, and detergent bottles that I normally would not need to use.  My aunt also did this research, and found that the environmental benefit is still there, but it is not substantial when you weigh in these other factors.  My motivations are primarily financial and for the physical well-being of Griffin.  Of course, there is an initial investment in cloth.  This is why I've chosen to use gift cards to purchase the cheapo Gerber white cloth diapers, plastic diaper covers, and pins to get started.  If I determine that I am willing and able to handle the cheaper (and tougher) old fashioned method, I will invest in better quality prefolds, diaper covers, and even in 12 or so nice one-size all-in-one diapers (like BumGenius or FuzziBunz).  I also mentioned the physical benefit for Griffin.  I'm not super big on the idea of the bajillion chemicals and whatnot in the disposables, and I'm constantly having to use diaper rash ointment to keep the diaper rash at bay...even though I change his diaper at least ever 2 hours, let his bottom air dry, and use the Pampers "Sensitive" Swaddlers.  He's only gotten bad diaper rash once, but why should I have to constantly use the ointment to keep the rash at bay?  I've read and heard many testimonies about babies who struggled with diaper rash with disposables and did not when switched to cloth.  So, it's definitely worth a try.

Today, after doing a bunch of reading and researching online, I began with a hilarious 20 minutes of trying to get the diaper on and pinned correctly without stabbing Griffin.  I wound up stabbing myself instead and bled all over the diaper...hence the blood on the picture below.
After I finally got things under control and went to have breakfast, Griffin proceeded to promptly fill his diaper beyond capacity.  It was less than 10 minutes and poop was literally soaking the entire back of Griffin's outfit...all the way up to his shoulders!  This, of course, meant a bath.  The second time around, I made sure to pull the plastic diaper cover completely over the entire diaper...especially on the back.  I'm assuming it was sticking out before and the wetness just soaked into his clothing.  Since that minor adjustment, there have been no more leaks!  I believe we went through 10 diapers today.  Griffin is in bed (in a disposable...I'm not that brave yet!), and the diapers just finished their cold rinse cycle in the washer (thank the Lord for washing machines!!!).  They are completely stained yellow, and I'm wondering if that'll come out in the hot wash cycle.  

So, here's the setup:
I have 12 6 ply prefold Gerber diapers, 12 3 ply prefold Gerber diapers, 6 pins, 6 plastic Gerber diaper covers, a trash can with a touch pop-up lid, and 2 pillow protector cases which I use as liners in the trash can (so I can just empty the bag into the wash and toss the bag in as well).

They say to keep your pins in a bar of soap to help them slide through the diaper fabric.  SO true!  I'm looking forward to getting better at this.  I welcome any suggestions or opinions on good brands of prefolds, diaper covers, and all-in-ones. 

I guess Griffin doesn't know the difference between the two now, but he looks awful cute in them!  I've also heard that it is easier to potty train when using cloth because they can actually feel that they are wet (unlike the almost bizarre lack of wetness in a disposable).


  1. He does look super cute! Good luck on your cloth diaper journey. I have something called a "Snappi" for you ... you use it in place of pins (check it out online). I only have one, but will give it to Shari to pass along to you. It is amazing!

    Sweet baby Griffin's picture is on our fridge ... Judah calls him "Grippin". :)

  2. Wow, what dedication! Can't recommend the Snappi, or Nappi Nippa as we call it in the UK,it will change your life!

  3. I love cloth diapering! I use Bumgenius diapers primarily, I have about 2 dozen that I accumulated slowly. I also have some chinese prefolds, some covers and a snappi for closure. As you decide if you want to continue on this cloth adventure, try or Here is a link to my blog and how we cloth diaper.
    Enjoy that precious little one. :)
    Christine @ Live to Learn

  4. white vinegar kills bacteria about 1/2 cup in a load i think..I liked cloth best as well...clothes line art is satisfying...we embroidered on the cloth diapers as I old wives tale is "if you use them for cleaning other things around the house , another one will soon be on its way..." enjoy those simple things in life , that is where true riches hide..all our love to all of you :)